Vocal Coaching & Songwriting        For Women

Burning to sing, but something has been stopping you...or wanting to hone your skills and add new ones?

Come uncover your true voice. 

Everyone wants to sing. We all want to express ourselves freely and fully with our voice. On a deep level, we feel cut off from the truth of our individual expression when we are held back in some way from this innate desire that we come into the world with, and have with us all our lives. 

And so often, we do feel blocked. Something happens, we come to believe something...and we stop singing. Or, we love to sing, but rarely find time to. In other cases, we may have time and strong desire, but don't know where to turn for the training we long for. Whichever is true for you, my passion is to help you bring your voice to its fullest potential, with the time and attention you have dreamed. 


Individual Session: $100

10% discount for series of 5 or more sessions.

People generally prefer to have me work with them in the privacy of their own home. Some students come to my house. For those who live far away, different rates apply. Online coaching also available. 

Contact  here to learn more.